We Just Clicked -- and then You Left Me   How ecommerce lost its humans  by Maria Bustillos


We Just Clicked -- and then You Left Me

How ecommerce lost its humans

by Maria Bustillos


We Talk Pretty One Day: an Interview with Inventor Marty Cooper

BY Claire Willett

We have to come up with new technology that makes data communications much lower in cost, because we’ve got a whole bunch of new things coming. The next big change in communications will be machine-to-machine communications. In healthcare, you’ll measure things on your body every minute, instead of every year or two. We're all going to be connected almost continuously, and that requires a lot of radio waves.




Editor's Letter


My dad's first cellphone had a shiny, micro-pebbled black plastic shell, a long antennae, and a matte aquamarine screen. A hideous miracle, I thought. When he was home, the cellphone would sit on the top of his dresser, next to a pile of change and folded scraps of yellow legal paper. To me, the cellphone was an alluringly grown-up accessory, a signifier of import, of having colleagues in sleek suits awaiting your decisions. I wanted, not so much to use it, but to be seen using it. A kid on a cellphone! The very image of it gave me a nice, shivery feeling.  



My Double-Edged Web

BY  Alexander B. Howard

Across the United States and world, my love affair with my mobile device has been replicated billions of times. 53% of American adults now have smartphones. 6 billion people around the globe have access to mobile phones. We use them to find information, share what we're seeing, navigate roads, and connect to one another, across time zones, nations and vast oceans.




Battlefield Screen

BY Benedict Evans

Facebook won on the desktop. All the other rival social networks have disappeared and it now seems very unlikely that another site will come along that does the same thing better, overtaking Facebook the way Facebook overtook Myspace.

But Facebook hasn’t won on mobile.