Code for a new mom / developer.  

The other day I was thinking about how I would describe my life - being a young mom and a developer - as an app. It goes something like this:

var self = new mom+developer();
var baby = new baby(10 months);
self.myBaby = baby;
baby.cute = true;

handle baby_woke_up = function(hour_of_night) {
while(baby.crying) {
if(hour_of_night < 6am) {
do water_bottle;
do pacifier;
} else if (hour_of_night > 6am && hour_of_night < 8am) {
do formula;
do pray_to_every_god_goddess_and_spirit("please "
+" let her go back to sleep until 8");
} else {
do get_up;

handle get_up = function() {
var baby_food = prepare_food(fruit);;
do eat_something;
do get_dressed;
do brush_teeth;
do give_baby_to_nanny(kiss);

At this point, I get out the door. Now a different set of functions come into play:

handle implement_feature = function() {
do coding;

handle bugs = function() {
do frustration;
do coding;

handle foos = function(result) {
switch(result) {
case(won) {
do victory_dance;
case(lost) {
do sad;
do heehee;
throw exception;
do something_else;

There are a few more functions for evening baby - shower, bottle, bedtime story. But the developer in you, looking at this class (self) would say "No no no. This does not make sense. These are two different sets of functionality and they should be extracted into two separate classes! Encapsulation, duh!". Yes, my life sometimes seem like two disjoint sets but at the end of the day, I love going out of the door and being the developer, I love coming back to my baby and being the mom and I love sometimes just being me. So after all maybe my life doesn't make much sense as an app.;