"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" by B.G. Hennessy

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" by B.G. Hennessy

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the parable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."  Quick reminder: there was a boy tending sheep in the fields away from his village.  Boredom and loneliness got to him, so he cried something along the lines of: "help, there is a wolf" and everyone in the village came to save him. Except, of course, there was no wolf.

After the boy pulled this schtick a few more times, the villagers were like "this kid is a liar and shall be heretofore ignored."  And then, karma had her say and a real wolf came to the boy's field. The boy cried "wolf", the villagers ignored him, and the wolf got a nice dinner. 

This parable is popular among parents (though the ending is often altered), but it applies to grown-ups--and specifically their preferred hunks of metal, too.

With all the mail we are getting are our phones crying wolf?  

It may sound kind of silly, but are our phones ding!ing so much that we tune them out, and as a result miss important emails from our customers, bosses, or spouses?

You are sitting at home one night and your phone dings its "you've got mail" ding.  You get up to check your email and ... it's a confirmation that you've checked into your flight for tomorrow.  You go back to whatever you were doing and then ding! Someone updated a page on your Intranet.  Ding! Someone in IT formally closed a ticket you knew was closed that afternoon.  

The dings are becoming increasingly irritating and preventing you from getting anything done, so you ignore the next one. And the next. And the next. Ahh, this is what productivity feels like! You head upstairs to finish packing for your trip and fall asleep.

You wake up well-rested and finally open up your email.  A bunch of automated emails from various corporate systems, and, in their midst, one from your boss asking you to send him the revised slides for tomorrow’s meeting.


Not a huge loss, but you would have preferred to have looked like you were on top of work, not on top of your mattress.

Today, most of us either respond to every ding or respond to none of them. The first route drives us (and those around us) insane; the second can render us MIA. But, there is a third route:

Instead of your phone dinging every time you get an email, it only dings when you get an important email. Instead of 10 dings last night, there would have only been one ding--for when your boss emailed you.  And since you would have known that ding was a wolf, you would have read the email and responded immediately. 

This is the route we're building at Skimbox. There's a lot of construction left, but you should be able to travel the first leg very soon