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Welcome to Skimbox!

Skimbox is smart email for busy people.

Skimbox is also the result of great customer feedback, hard work, many user experience studies and a little bloodshed.

We set out over a year ago to explore analytics for email. Part of this exploration involved getting a lot of feedback from a lot of people who got a lot of email. The main takeaway: analytics are cool, but email overload is a much greater daily battle. To wit, quotes like:

  • “Each conversation is a black hole - it drives me nuts!”

  • "Workflow has slowed because we have to be mindful of what we put in print. It's a tidal wave of molasses."

  • "Clients are not respectful of the fact that you have a life. They could email at 2am on a Sunday and expect a response by 7am."

And finally, in response to the question: “How many hours per day are spent on email?”

"All of them."

We came away from these discussions knowing that a) there was much we could do improve work email and b) we could make these improvements with a combination of modern machine learning techniques and a great mobile experience.

One year hence: Skimbox.

We’re very proud to bring you innovation to enterprise email, innovation that will save you significant time and distraction from the moment you start using it.

Skimbox offers two significant innovations today: machine learning that gets smarter the more you use it, and a security conscious, on-premise availability for the most demanding enterprises.

Skimbox is built to be non invasive. It will not disturb your existing inbox, rules, archiving or compliance environment. From the feedback we’ve already received from highly stringent IT environments, we know that email is to be treated as the precious conduit of information for virtually all organizations today.

Skimbox is still young. While we are starting with smart classification, it is just the beginning of what is possible when machine learning is applied to the bane of email. We have still much to learn, implement and improve. We have much to learn about Machine Learning and how you want your email to behave.

But, we’re very encouraged that this is the start of something special.

We look forward to your feedback. We know there is a long road ahead. We are proud to deliver to you this small and significant first step.

Regards, -David