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“You can replace all the other stuff you do with email.”

In the age of agonizing over our bulging inboxes, Amol Sarva’s email philosophy is pragmatic, bright-eyed, and music to this writer’s phantom chime-prone ears. For if Sarva, who presently runs, funds, and mentors about 10,000 startups [1], including the intriguing email startup Knotable and the brain-boosting Halo Neuro, and previously co-founded Virgin Mobile USA and the wonderful cellphones4all company Peek, can rule by inbox, so can I. I think.

I met up with Sarva at his bustling new coworking space/incubator/salon (more on that here). [2] Amidst neuroscience experiments, freecycled skateboards, and pumpkin ale, we talked tools, stats, and why green by any other name would be red. [3]  


  • Email service: Gmail is primary; Yahoo, Aol, as test accounts

  • Email interface—desktop: Gmail web browser

  • Email interface—phone: Mail app on the iPhone; Gmail and Yahoo apps on the Android (“Android’s mail client is awful, like Eudora”)

  • Phones: iPhone 4s, Nexus 4

  • Third party apps/tools: Rapportive, Cloud Magic, Cue, Sunrise, Brewster, Xobni, Contactually, Linkedin Contacts+.


  • Unread count: Main account is at 32, but was at 0 an hour ago. One of his company accounts is at 16, and his AOL account is at 7.

  • Work emails received in a given weekday: a few hundred

  • Work emails responded to in a given weekday: ~100

  • Desktop vs phone:  Phone

  • First checks email: No more than five minutes after waking, though the wake-up time varies.

  • Last checks email: Right before the sandman.

  • Email overload level: green.


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Want your inbox profiled? Email me: clairew [at] skimbox [dot] co.



1. Maybe closer to 50.

2. Where, I'm excited to say, I myself wil be shacking up, starting next month

3. Not read.