Do birds of a feather talk together? Tune in on Wednesday, Sept 11, to find out.


If you’ve ever spent time in this here blog’s archives, you may have surmised we’re pretty into social network graphs. Discovering if and how people who share one common thread (eg following @horse_ebooks) are connected can be fascinating. Social network graphs also can be beneficial to your business, since they reveal the hubs, spokes, and islands of said thread.

There are a number of ways to create social network graphs, but the method that packs the biggest insights punch for the least amount of setup is NodeXL. NodeXL is a free Excel add-in that lets you quickly (as in, 3-steps-to-done quickly) visualize network data. It was created by the sociologist Marc Smith and his Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in 2008, and recently passed its 200,000th download.

On Wednesday, September 11th, we’ll be hosting a joint webinar on NodeXL with SoftArtisans and Marc Smith. Along with picking Marc’s brain about the project’s origins and future, we’ll demonstrate how to use NodeXL to graph the connections between Twitter users mentioning particular terms.

If you’re interested in social networks, and can make it, please come! Absolutely no coding knowledge is necessary, and you’ll be able to ask Marc questions as we go along.

If you can’t make it, no worries--we’ll post the slides and recording here afterwards.