Art by  The Oatmeal  

Art by The Oatmeal 

When we talk with people about their inbox problems, the second most-common complaint we hear (after "there's too damn much of it") is: "because there's too damn much of it, I sometimes miss an important email."

Most of the time, missing an important email is more of a hindrance to progress than anything else. And then there are the times when that missed email costs you a job, a client, a boatload o' cash, a trip to the Bahamas with that quiet girl you met at academic camp seven years ago who's been secretly in love with you ever since.

Below, a quick look at the latter.     

Case number 1: How does “I didn’t read that particular email” hold up in court?

After SAC Capital was hit with criminal insider trading charges, lawyers representing the hedge fund's CEO, Steven Cohen, claimed he hadn't actually read an incriminating email at the heart of the investigation. Not the most exciting of defenses, but a plausible one: according to Cohen's lawyers, he gets around 1,000 emails a day, and reads only 11 percent of them.

Should you try the Cohen defense? Maybe not -- recently, Cohen's lawyers initiated settlement talks with the prosecution. 

Case number 2: But no one was there to read my emails for me!

When Richard Knox's secretary (also his wife) broke her arm and had to take an extended leave of office, Knox did not find a temporary replacement. He also did not take over the task of reading his email. Result: a lost $35,000 after Knox failed to see an email notifying him of scheduled arbitration.

Case number 3: What's email? 

Teenage hacker Comex (real name: Nicholas Allegra) famously jailbroke the iPhone. Then he did it again, and again. Eventually, he was rewarded for his efforts with a plum remote internship at Apple. Then he forgot to to reply to an email inviting him to continue his internship. Now he’s just another basement-dwelling, latte-tweaking millennial. Totally kidding. Last we heard, he's interning at Google.


In the age of overload, it's tempting to label such events inevitable -- but never fear, that's why Skimbox is here. Check it out and tell us what you think. Also, if you have a particularly gruesome/knee-slapping tale of missing an email, let us know in the comments!